Kjell Yngve Petersen (Denmark)

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Kjell Yngve Petersen is trained as actor and theatre director, and has produced theatre, opera, performance art, installations arts and media arts since the early 1980’s. Research interests include the composition and design of intermedial performances and participatory installations, with special interest in real-time generative situations and mixed online/offline environments in which the audience takes part in performing the artwork. His research has specific focus on the development of new compositional models that integrate telemedia technology, and utilises emergent and performance-based methods to explore new performance forms and expressions. His research engages with telepresence and tele-ecologies, and involves the design of dynamic adaptive architectural light, textures and acoustics. The research also involves close cooperation with industry sectors, and international partners within research, arts and industry.


Kjell Yngve Petersen

Associate Professor

Head of Section CAOS


IT University of Copenhagen

Rued Langgaardsvej 7

DK-2300 Copenhagen S


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