Katerina Karoussos

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Katerina Karoussos is an artist and researcher. He is currently the Executive Director of the I-Node of the Planetray Collegium. From 2004 she is working at The Athens School of Fine Arts as a free lancer at the Fresco studio. She holds a Master of Arts from Middlesex University. From 1994 to 2003 she was the director and a co-founder of the Hellenic Center of Fine & Applied Arts. From 2009, Karoussos is a member of Planetary Collegium (CAiiA) as a PhD


Candidate under the supervision of Pr. Roy Ascott. She has participated in many international conferences (ISEA, Aber, Dimea, Consciousness Reframes Series etc). Apart from her work as a Byzantine mural painter at Orthodox churches her work has been exhibited in various international media exhibitions (Athens, Japan, Madrid, New York, Frankfurt, Montenegro, Cuba etc)

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