The 8th edition of Hiperorgânicos - International Symposium on Research in Art, Hybridization, Biotelematics and Transculturalism, will take place between the 22nd - 27th of May 2018. Hiperorgânicos is an idealization of the Nucleus of Art and New Organisms - NANO coordinated by the artists researchers Prof. Dr. Guto Nóbrega and Profa. Dr. Malu Fragoso, headquartered at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/UFRJ, city of Rio de Janeiro. This year we have the researcher Fabiane M. Borges as invited convenor and proposer of the chosen theme “Ancestorfuturism”. The event has an artistic, investigative, academic approach and is planned to happen in three different moments in May 2018 as following:

22nd to 23rd – Presentations selected from an open call at the Museum of Astronomy and National Observatory with the participation of artists, scientists, researchers and representatives of ancestral traditional Brazilian cultures.

24th to 26th – OpenLab - telematic scope through data server for artistic processes developed at the Laboratory at the Museum of Tomorrow.

27th - International Symposium at the Museum of Tomorrow .

It is in the interest of Hiperorgânicos 8 to stress the discussion about artificial biospheres, data mining and Earth, at that moment where the ecosystem asks for restructuring in the ways of inhabiting it, while at the same time we see the acceleration of projects for the creation of orbital condominiums, constant hypervigilance produced by satellites. This meeting aims to investigate new processes of action and research in these fields, fostering artistic experiments that are linked to organic and coherent processes in order to inspire new creative and improbable laboratory processes.

For the 2018 edition, under the theme Ancestrofuturismo, the Hiperorgânicos seeks, through dialogue and artistic experimentation, ways of reconnection between past and future to rethink the present. To this end, it will pay special attention to spatial culture as an investigative form of new models and discourses that motivate urgent / emerging actions. Reperspectivating our nature under angles of the biospheres, the cosmos and the subtle connections between ancestral knowledge and data mining, fostering interconnected, dialogical artistic experiments from the perspective of organic and coherent processes, inspiring new unlikely creative processes in the form of an open laboratory , are some aspirations of this event. The complete event is composed of a meeting with round tables, communications, performances and talk wheels in MAST, development of artistic processes in the open laboratory form, workshops and performance actions at the Museum of Tomorrow, with a closing symposium.


According to Fabiane M. Borges, researcher linked to NANO / PPGAV / EBA and co-organizer of Hiperorgânicos 8, "Ancestor + Futurism are two terms that apparently emerge from an impossibility, from the ambivalence between two disparate realms: archaism and future. Future, broadly speaking, is a term linked to the modern age, which is generally understood as the age that would remove humanity from obscurantism, false beliefs and superstitions, to place it in the path of progress and evolutionary development dominated by science and technology. Ancestrality, according to this perspective, is considered a series of traditional values ruling over archaic societies that are oblivious to scientific truth and cultivate obsolete knowledge devoid of empiric evidence. Nevertheless, Ancestorfuturism requests concepts that work with other notions of time and resignify the assumed linearity between past and future, i.e., concepts that deconstruct the idea of vertical time and history — from archaism pointing towards the future — and that horizontalize this perspective".

Modernity generates ever-increasing suspects about its promise of “future”. In a moment of climatic changes in which the anthropocene (and its parallels, capitalocene, chthulucene, etc) becomes the earth’s age, the future being heralded is that of modernity floundering in the muds of Mariana or in Fukushima and Chernobyl’s nuclear disasters. We are facing the "intervention of the Earth," when humans will not have the freedom to administer it as they have done so far.

This incompatibility between a future presented by modernity and a future verifiable in contemporaneity has been serving as a platform for a wide range of speculations, in fields ranging from economy to philosophy, science to metaphysics, and last but not least, art. It is in this conjuncture that “Ancestorfuturism” presents itself as a speculation network too, as countless other movements that dwell in this dilemma. It produces conjectures, it constructs narratives and develops practices that endorse a provocation against the present order of relations between culture and nature, and additionally proposes alternatives while it experiments with new and remixed processes, with its free cosmogonies and do it yourself rituals. Contrary to the understanding of an attempt at creating a monism, or a unit, in the conjunction of the words ancestor + futurism, the goal here is an activation of ancestorfuturism’s senses so that these permeate, connect and intermingle themselves, and generate other concepts and practices while at the same time not becoming paralyzed in one division or in one irresponsible union, where only one of the parts would survive. In order to understand ancestorfuturism’s magnitude it is necessary to build a network of concepts that supports it, so that it can assume its creative character, so that it functions as a rupture device with systems fixated on metaphysical interpretation (theology/religion) and becomes a generator of free imaginaries. To read more, here:

General subthematic areas

Transculturalism; Art and Anthropocene - aesthetics of the end of the world; Art and life outside the Earth; Zero Point Energy (ZPE); Archeoastronomy (astronomy through archaeological data); Tecnoxamanismo; Amerindian animism; Transhumanism; Multiverse; Afrofuturism; Cosmovisions; Space condominiums and life in Earth orbit; Hyperstition - the role of fiction in the constitution of reality; Fictional narratives; Speculations about time travel and other dimensions; Interplanetary Communes: utopias, dystopias, projects of society, post colonization, decolonization; Human and others (non-human) spectrologies; Hyperorganisms; Ontology and metaphysics; Plant Intelligence; Hybridism; Synchronicity; Art and Biotelematics; Disruptive space science and technology DIY; Spatial culture; Allien culture, wearable; Sonifications.


The OpenLab is an immersive meeting (morning and afternoon) with artists-researchers and the public with the objective of constructing a hyperorganic model that integrates in its body the practices of hybridization, robotics, sonorization, data visualization, performance and architecture. By means of a dialogic and procedural methodology of exchanging experiments in low and high-tech technologies, this year participants are invited to develop their activities within the perspective of the concept of Ancestrofuturismo through open processes and dialogues.

Based on this premise, Hiperorgânicos proposes that each participant should act in a collaborative way, developing locally or remotely creative activities that integrate collectively with the dynamics of the OpenLab with the support of a online server. Data flows are generated individually and collectively during the event and will serve as a practical and conceptual link for the interconnection of processes, inventions, artists and the public in an integrative way. Such a system of emergent nature is permeated by actions throughout the three days of activities that culminate in presentations of provisional results, experimental and rich in their speculative character. There is no guiding hierarchy of activities. For the most part, the proposals initially launched by the artists are contaminated and transformed during the laboratory experience, reverberating the inventive and synergetic aspect of the event.

The laboratory takes place around a large table, in a horizontal and non-linear manner. All the participants, artists, organizers are invited to share among themselves and present their processes in real time to the public, which uses that moment for a privileged participation in the creative act.

For these activities, Tomorrow's laboratory will provide: space with tables and tools; electronic laboratory; 3D laser printers; projectors; air compressor, audio system; satellite and meteorological data server for use in the processes; customized data visualization via IP.